C Sews StyleEye – Skirts! 5 Sept. 2013

Three skirts - featured

It’s been about a year since I last did a C Sews StytleEye post. I’m reviving it. I borrowed the idea from Bill Cunningham’s On the Street photos for the New York Times (as I mentioned this in my very first post C Sews StyleEye 3 Jan. 2012). I wasn’t a very good sewcialist back then! Instead I was more focused on learning to use WordPress.

This is essentially a brief look at the clothes and accessories that I’ve captured (with my iPhone) on people I’ve seen as I’m out and about – mostly in San Francisco or the East Bay. These people are on the move so some of the photos aren’t exactly in focus but I think you can still get the idea of the fabric and cut.

I have not edited the photos – partly to give you an idea of where the photos were shot (on the street, at a cafe, in the grocery store) and it certainly saves time! I took two photos of the last skirt because I really loved the use of fabric.

Below are the skirts that caught my eye for various reasons – fun fabric (love those elephants!), nice shape, or interesting details (check out the buttons on that jean skirt!).

I like long skirts. I usually like the hem to be several inches below my knees – mid-calf at the very least. Also I really don’t have the legs for short skirts. 😉

Do you have a favorite skirt length?

Check out the ones below. What ones do you like?

Red bows skirtElephants print skirt

Scallop skirtRuffled skirt

Jean skirt with buttonsRed skirt - white seams

Black&White skirtBlack&White skirt closer





C Sews StyleEye – Prints! 23 August 2012

I’ve seen many interesting prints over the past few weeks. Here are some that caught my eye in San Francisco and Berkeley. I spotted these women on the street, on the BART platform, and outside a grocery store. You can see my previous StyleEye posts here.

Most of these women are in motion so they aren’t always in focus but I think you can see why they caught my eye. Enjoy!

I like the print on this jacket – rather alligator like (spotted in Union Square, SF).
Great palette of bright colors along with black stripes (seen on steps in the Montgomery BART station).
This is a vintage dress – unique fabric (photo taken in Berkeley).
I love this jacket’s “plaid” pattern (seen in downtown San Francisco).
Cool print on this top (seen at a Tully’s coffee in San Francisco)
This skirt was a chiffon or silk fabric (spotted in Berkeley).
Lovely flowing skirt (seen in downtown San Francisco)
I like the combination of grey and lemon yellow polka dots on this silk top (seen on the BART escalator in San Francisco)

C Sews StyleEye 12 June 2012 – Stripes!

I haven’t posted a StyleEye in a couple months. So I finally went through some of the photos I’ve taken in the interim and discovered that I had a theme of stripes – striped skirts and striped tops.

I’ve always loved stripes. I have striped socks, striped t-shirts, striped knit tops, striped sweaters, and hats trimmed with striped grosgrain ribbon. But I don’t have a striped skirt. Maybe that’s why all these skirts captured my attention!

Personally, I’m a bit wary of sewing stripes because I would want the stripes to line up, which seems like a little tricky endeavor to me. I’ve managed to avoid matching fabric designs in the clothes I sew. However, This skirt (left) and this cyclist’s knit top (below) made me realize that there is a way around that. You can simply put a panel with stripes — perpendicular to the main stripes — on the side and avoid having to line up the stripes in a side seam.

Seeing all these stripes made me want to buy some striped knit fabric and see what I could make. So I got a couple yards of this black-and-white knit at Discount Fabrics in San Francisco. (See my post “Shopping for Fabric,” for more info.) I’m not sure what I’ll make with it but it’ll be fun to experiment!


C Sews StyleEye 23 March 2012 – Boots!

I was in Los Angeles last month and had a couple hours free to drop by the Los Angeles County Museum of Art and explore two of its shows:  “In Wonderland: The Surrealist Adventures of Women Artists in Mexico and the United States” and “California Design, 1930-1965: ‘Living in a Modern Way.’ ” I’ll post more photos on these shows later.

I was not only looking at the art on the walls and the furniture, jewelry and clothes on display, but I was also looking at what women were wearing that day.

I noticed a lot of boots. Here are some highlights.


A white linen polka dot dress with black leather boots
Hot pink tights with suede boots
Low-heel tan boots with fringed purse


Cute ankle boots with polka dot knee highs



C Sews StyleEye 17 Feb. 2012

Once again, jackets and coats caught my eye as they did last month.

I’m not sure what type of fabric this black-and-white coat is made of but it’s certainly eye-catching! It seems rather fuzzy and has a unique pattern of swirls on it. I was walking down Sutter St. in San Francisco when I noticed these two women. They turned down Grant St. before I could snap more than one or two photos.

The other two photos were snapped as the women were on the move. I really like the coat with the shawl collar . The pattern on the fabric is great and the slight flare to the bottom half is very nice as well. I shot that photo as this woman was walking into the Westfield SF Centre mall on Market St.

As for the last photo, I really liked the color combination of this bright green jacket with a yellow pleated top and a horizontally black-and-white striped knit skirt. I shot the photo at dusk so the lighting was rather bad and she was walking fast so this blurry photo was the best I could do.

This woman wears this unusual coat with panache.
Love the shawl collar on this coat
Nice color combination!

C Sews StyleEye 23 Jan. 2012

I saw a lot of fun clothing combinations and nice details over the past month. These photos were snapped in San Francisco – usually in the Financial District or around Union Square during my lunch break or after work.

What you’ll see below is:

  • grey knit tights with a snowflake pattern worn with a knit dress and a fun cat-face backpack – spotted on Market Street, near Powell.
  • a nice detail on the back of a grey sweater – seen on Kearny St. at Sutter.
  • a woman on the BART train holding a rose and wearing aa combination of purple and pink accessories (sunglasses, scarf, purse, arm warmers)
  • and two photos of lovely ladies selling their wares at the Renegade Craft Fair in San Francisco this past December: Laura Bruland of Yes & Yes Designs, wearing a perky Girl Scout outfit (she makes unique jewelry from recycled book covers), and Trinity Cross of Field Day who makes lovely dresses and other clothes from reclaimed fabric. Both companies are based in Oakland, California. (Yay for the East Bay!)
Woman holding a rose on BART
Laura Bruland of Yes & Yes Designs
Trinity Cross of Field Day


C Sews StyleEye 9 Jan. 2012

This week’s StyleEye focuses on outerwear. I saw some nice coats on women either on the street or on BART (Bay Area Rapid Transit), the commuter train in the SF Bay Area. I take BART to and from work and often spot people wearing something eye-catching as they’re waiting for the train, exiting or entering the station, or even on the train.

I’m usually capturing people in motion so the photos aren’t necessarily in focus. Once in a while I’ll ask people if I can take their picture, but that’s only if I feel they aren’t in a hurry and if I feel OK about asking a complete stranger if they’d mind if I snapped a photo.

Sometimes I feel a teeny bit like a stalker – especially if the person is ahead of me and I’m hurrying to catch up with them and whipping out my iPhone to get the photo. Hmmm.

Well, it’s kinda like what Bill Cunningham does for the New York Times, right? But I’m not trying to compare myself to him  – after all, he’d never publish blurry photos. Plus he’s a professional and I’m strictly amateur. (For more on Bill, see my review of Bill Cunningham New York.)

Here are this week’s photos. Enjoy!

Love the pleats and jet buttons on this coat (spotted as I was going up escalator at Montgomery St. BART station)
Striking pattern on this wool coat (seen at corner of Montgomery & Sutter streets in SF.)
Warm and fuzzy vest paired with argyle socks (spotted at Ashby BART station, Berkeley)
Camel coat and maroon hat spotted on BART platform. (Lighting is very bad there.)
The asymmetrical maroon hat worn with the camel coat. I sat behind her on BART.