C Sews StyleEye 23 March 2012 – Boots!

I was in Los Angeles last month and had a couple hours free to drop by the Los Angeles County Museum of Art and explore two of its shows:  “In Wonderland: The Surrealist Adventures of Women Artists in Mexico and the United States” and “California Design, 1930-1965: ‘Living in a Modern Way.’ ” I’ll post more photos on these shows later.

I was not only looking at the art on the walls and the furniture, jewelry and clothes on display, but I was also looking at what women were wearing that day.

I noticed a lot of boots. Here are some highlights.


A white linen polka dot dress with black leather boots

Hot pink tights with suede boots

Low-heel tan boots with fringed purse


Cute ankle boots with polka dot knee highs



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