C Sews StyleEye 17 Feb. 2012

Once again, jackets and coats caught my eye as they did last month.

I’m not sure what type of fabric this black-and-white coat is made of but it’s certainly eye-catching! It seems rather fuzzy and has a unique pattern of swirls on it. I was walking down Sutter St. in San Francisco when I noticed these two women. They turned down Grant St. before I could snap more than one or two photos.

The other two photos were snapped as the women were on the move. I really like the coat with the shawl collar . The pattern on the fabric is great and the slight flare to the bottom half is very nice as well. I shot that photo as this woman was walking into the Westfield SF Centre mall on Market St.

As for the last photo, I really liked the color combination of this bright green jacket with a yellow pleated top and a horizontally black-and-white striped knit skirt. I shot the photo at dusk so the lighting was rather bad and she was walking fast so this blurry photo was the best I could do.

This woman wears this unusual coat with panache.

Love the shawl collar on this coat

Nice color combination!

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