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Summer sewing-CSews

It’s August already and I still have some summer sewing to do. Luckily, it does stay warm in the Bay Area through September, and sometimes October. I’ve been going over my initial sewing plans for the year (see my Make Nine post) and going through my patterns and my fabric to see what I can make. I don’t have a huge stash but I don’t want to buy more fabric until I’ve sewn some of it up or destashed. Now I’m selling a few pieces of my fabric, which you can read about here.

Here’s what’s currently in progress.

Textile Studio Patterns - elastic-waist skirt

I used two fabrics to make Version B (lower right), a four-paneled skirt. The fabric on the right is a rayon remnant from Britex Fabrics. I didn’t have enough for the entires skirt but I did have this leftover solid violet rayon and I had just enough for one panel. So three panels use the print and one is violet.

It was my first time making an elastic-waist skirt. I still need to hem it. I’ve had it hanging in the closet to give the hem a chance to settle. Though the pattern says that because of the bias seams, the hem will hang “irregularly” and that is “unavoidable and part of the charm of the skirt.” The skirt panels are shaped like tall isoceles trapezoids. (Wow, never thought I’d use those two words in a sentence. Oh, grade-school geometry!)

Style Arc Imogen Skirt - CSews

I’ve cut the top part of the Imogen Knit Skirt by Style Arc – using this leftover striped knit fabric in my stash. I’ll use solid black for the rest of the skirt. I’ve been going through my stash looking for a big piece of black knit fabric. The pieces I’ve found so far aren’t long enough. This looks like a super easy skirt to put together. I got the patterns as a birthday present from one of my sisters earlier this year.

The Fabric Stash

I used to be a fabric impulse buyer. I’d see something I liked and buy it, particularly if it was on sale. I didn’t necessarily know what I would make but I’d buy a few yards and tell myself I’d use it for something. Or maybe I’d buy it with a particular pattern in mind but most of my impulse buys were just that, an impulse.

Now I ask myself, what would you make with this fabric? If I can’t answer that question, I don’t buy it, even if it’s on sale.

I’d like to make something summery from these fabrics in my stash.

Cotton fabrics - blue - CSews

The floral print and the plaid are both from Stonemountain & Daughter Fabrics in Berkeley. I have about 3 2/3 yards of the floral print, which is likely a cotton/silk blend, which I got for $3.50/yard earlier this year. I’m thinking tunic or flowing skirt. It’s very lightweight.

The plaid print was a 7/8 yard remnant, which I envisioned as part of a Deer & Doe Chardon skirt with a contrasting solid blue band. (I’ve made many Chardon skirts, including a maxi and a midi.)

The seersucker fabric is something I got more than a year ago at the Bay Area Sewists fabric swap. It’s nearly 2 yards. The print is really cute – maybe that’s why I haven’t sewn it yet. It’s got a travel theme. See the suitcase, hats and umbrella? Maybe I’ll make a tunic.

Seersucket print - travel theme - CSews

Meanwhile, I rediscovered this pretty red floral print in my stash. A sundress would be nice but I likely wouldn’t wear it very much. So I’m thinking separates – this 1960 Vogue reissue V9187 and another Chardon skirt. I have 5 yards of this fabric. I think it must have been a pre-cut piece I got several years ago from an Oakland drug store that’s no longer around.

V9187 Vogue reissued 1960 sewing pattern and Chardon skirt by Deer & Doe - CSews

Other patterns I want to make include this New Look 6838 pattern…

New Look 6939

…and Butterick 5893. I need more pants!

Butterick 5893 - pants sewing pattern

The Butterick pattern was on my Make Nine list.

What’s in your summer sewing queue?

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