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  1. Patty Roy says

    Did any of the FB destash groups allow anyone to post pics of enormoys stash like in the shelves and then ask for ppl to pm requests? I have a friend who has walls of _abric where posting each one would be a torturous and unending task.

  2. Abbey says

    Thank you for sharing your experiences! A few folks I follow on IG have done destash sales recently and I appreciated that they all created separate accounts for that purpose or, in one case, provided a link to a website with a sales platform that they were utilizing. The FB groups sound like a good way to get your fabric(s) in front of a receptive audience as well–I’m glad you had success that way!

    I’ve sold or listed fabric for sale on eBay, only because I loathe FB and refuse to be active on it or join groups (I have it for band communications only, haha!). I don’t have much posted, and I’m not super-motivated to sell it; if something doesn’t sell, I will just donate it. It’s mostly about clearing space and being honest with myself about what I will or won’t sew, particularly after it’s been in stash for a while. If I can recoup a few dollars while I do it, all the better! =)

    • Chuleenan says

      You’re welcome! I know what you mean about FB. Some people aren’t on it so I thought I’d try IG and FB and see what happened.

      I’ve never bought fabric on eBay but I have bought sewing patterns there. I haven’t tried to sell anything on eBay. I know what you mean about not being too motivated to sell it.

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