StyleArc and Papercut Patterns – two indie sewing patterns

Papercut and StyleArc patterns

Hi, it was my birthday earlier this month so in January I told my sisters about some international patterns I liked. And my sisters are like my fairy godmothers – they granted my wishes! I got the StyleArc Juliet Woven Shirt, which I have been eying, along with the Imogen Knit Skirt, a free pattern for January. Plus I got the Papercut Patterns Skipper Tunic, which has three sleeve variations, necklines and lengths. 

StyleArc is an Aussie pattern company – as you can see from the mailing envelope in the photo below. I think I first heard about this company from Sew Busy Lizzie, a sewing blogger based in Australia. It may have been her post about the StyleArc Ziggy jacket. Actually, that post made me a bit wary about trying any StyleArc patterns because sizes are not nested and the instructions are minimal. When she made the Ziggy jacket, she bought a PDF and had to tape together more than 40 pages. Each size was a separate PDF.

StyleArc prides itself on creating “real industry based sewing patterns” that are “easy to work with.” I haven’t sewn any StyleArc patterns before but I wanted to try this shirt because I love the tie waist and 3/4 sleeves. The paper pattern comes with a swatch of fabric that is recommended for the pattern – nice detail!

StyleArc - Juliet Woven Shirt - sewing pattern

If you buy a StyleArc paper pattern, you need to pick your size. I decided to pick the size that went with my hips, my widest area. Here’s the StyleArc size chart. My current weight puts me at a size 14 waist (33.5 inches, 85 cm) and in between a size 14 (42.5 inches, 108 cm) and 16 (44.5 inches, 113cm) hip. Two years ago I was a size 12 waist and size 14 hip. (sigh) But I’ve gained a bit of weight since then. I chose size 16 for the skirt as well. It may be too big but I’ll find out eventually.

When I got my Juliet shirt pattern, I also discovered  that you can also buy StyleArc patterns on Amazon – but not all the styles are there. The Juliet shirt isn’t on the U.S. site. But it’s great to know that I can buy their patterns and get free shipping as an Amazon Prime member!

Papercut Patterns is a New Zealand pattern company that says it has a “strong focus on design and sustainability.” They use “100% recycled or recyclable products where possible.”

Papercut Patterns - Skipper Tunic

Papercut packaging is really lovely. You could hand the pattern in your closet. This photo is a still image of the video story I posted on Instagram when I got the pattern. So the image quality isn’t great.

Papercut Patterns packaging

Here’s the paper the instructions and pattern paper are printed on. The instructions are printed so that you cut them out and put them together into a mini booklet. This image was also part of my IG story.

I’m looking forward to making both of these patterns! Have you sewn any StyleArc or Papercut Patterns designs?

Author: Chuleenan

Chuleenan sews, collects hats and shoes, and is a fabric addict. She is also the organizer for the Bay Area Sewists Meetup group.

2 thoughts on “StyleArc and Papercut Patterns – two indie sewing patterns”

  1. I have sewn with both – I made the Style Arc Camille (or Camilla, can’t remember) blouse, and it was disappointing. Their instructions were pretty crappy, and it didn’t fit well despite me consulting with them about which size I should buy. I think you can buy nested sized ones on their Etsy now, but I’m not interested enough to find out.

    I like Papercut Patterns a lot – I’ve made the Ensis Tee and the Undercover Hood, and I have their Watson Jacket and Seabell Dress to make too at some point. Good instructions, good sizing, and I love their packaging!

    Happy sewing – I look forward to seeing how yours turn out!

    1. Ah, I had heard about the instructions so I hope I can figure it out. The size thing is tricky. I don’t know if I got the right size (fingers crossed!). I have one other Papercut Pattern – the Flutter Blouse – it was a little too tight in the shoulders so I need to make another one. Yes, their packaging is amazing. Hopefully it won’t take forever for me to make them!

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