Five Vogue sewing patterns I got on sale at Joann’s

I dropped by Joann’s over the weekend because the chain store was having a $4.99 sale on Vogue sewing patterns. I ended up with five patterns.

I brought my notes from Sandra Betzina’s talk at last fall’s Artistry in Fashion event presented by Canada College’s fashion department. I put a star next to Vogue 1515, which doesn’t look like much on the pattern.

Sandra showed a version without elastic in the neck and that looked really good. She said the top was inspired by Japanese fashion and that it was flattering because it stood out from the body and helps disguise the middle (i.e. any extra belly weight). It can be a nice layering piece, too.

V1515 - Today's Fit by Sandra Betzina - Vogue sewing patterns - top and skirt

These two patterns by Lynn Mizono caught my eye. I grabbed the last two left and didn’t notice that I got the wrong size (8-10-12-14). Oops. I needed the larger size. Well, maybe I can exchange them later or I’ll just have to grade up one size. Both patterns are loose-fitting so hopefully, it won’t be too hard to grade up. (Fingers crossed.)

I have some black seersucker that I was going to use to make a dress from a Japanese sewing book pattern but now I want to make the dress on the right (V1410).

V1410 - Lynn Mizono - Vogue sewing patterns - dress

Don’t you love this jacket (V1246)? I have some lightweight denim in my stash that could work for it. But I was saving that for a pair of pants. I may have to break my fabric fast, which I tacked on to my RTW fast. but I’m hoping to hold out for six full months – so that means at least until the end of June. (Confession: I did buy one piece of fabric when I was in NYC in April.)

V1246 - Lynn Mizono - Vogue sewing patterns - dress

I love vintage patterns and couldn’t resist the top and jacket of this reissue (V9082). I think they would look great with some high-waist pants.

V9082 - Vintage Vogue sewing patterns - 1960 - dolman-sleeve jacket, top and dress

I also saw this Vogue sewing pattern (V8868) for fascinators and snapped that up, too. Vogue calls them “embellished hats” in the website description but they are really fascinators. Fascinators are attached to a headband, clip or comb.

v8868 - Vogue sewing patterns - 5 hats, fascinators

I love veils on hats. These are a bit fancy but who knows when you need a fancy accessory, right?

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4 Responses to “Five Vogue sewing patterns I got on sale at Joann’s”

  1. Liz Park
    June 5, 2018 at 12:23 pm #

    HI Chuleenan,

    I love V1410 and have this pattern,too. I think version A and B are the same dress. My understanding is that there are hooks and loops that allow you to hook up the dress of view B and hook it into the tunic of view A. Very clever! And from what I’ve read about the pattern in Pattern Review.Com, the neckline runs rather wide so you may be able to get by with the pattern in the size that you bought. There’s really not a lot of fitting anywhere else.

    Wanna have a sew-along?

    Happy Sewing!


    • June 6, 2018 at 9:27 am #

      Hi Liz! Now I like the pattern even more. I didn’t realize that the two versions were essentially the same dress. But that makes sense when I look at the photo. The skirt is just brought up.

      Maybe I’ll make a mock-up of the top part to see how that fits and then sew it up.

      Yes! Let’s have a sew-along. Then maybe I’ll finish it before the summer’s over!

  2. June 5, 2018 at 7:33 am #

    I have had the Liz Monzono pattern for some time but never used it. Really want to see what you do with the look.

    • June 5, 2018 at 7:57 am #

      Which one do you have? The jacket or the dress? I think I want to make the dress first because I have fabric for it.

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