Vogue Patterns I bought

Vogue patterns - V9191 - V1417 - V8891 - csews.com

Last Friday I was online looking for vintage patterns. I went to Vogue Patterns’ website to see if there were any vintage reissues.  I was excited to see that all patterns were on sale for $5.99 but the sale was ending that day! I wasn’t sure what time it would end because I’m on the West Coast and it was already after dinner. So I quickly started looking at the available patterns. However, I didn’t see a category for vintage so I just started looking at everything else. It turns out the vintage patterns are just folded in with other patterns. I didn’t feel like searching through every category so I just browsed tops and pants, which are what I need.

This is V9191 – described as “Misses’ Ponchos, Back-pleat Top, Shorts, and Wide-leg Wrap Pants.” I really like the wrap pants on this model.

V9191 - Vogue Pattern - csews.com

I’m not so sure the pants will look as good on me but it was on sale, so I decided to get the pattern. I’m not exactly sure how the wrap thing works. If you walk and there’s a stiff breeze, does the wrap part fly open and expose parts better left hidden, like when you wear a wrap skirt? The description says “Wide-leg, front-wrap pants (fitted through hips) have back-button front waistband, back waistband with tie ends, and no side seams.” Hmmmm – “no side seams.” I confess I didn’t notice that detail until after I placed my order.

The back looks nice. Though I don’t have a flat butt so I wonder how they will fit me. We’ll see…

V9191 - Vogue Patterns - csews.com

This pattern has five pieces – two different ponchos, a sleeveless top, shorts, and the pants. Here’s the line art:

V9191 line art - csews.com

I’m really curious to see what the pattern pieces look like and how much the fabric overlaps over the nonexistent side seams!

I bought two other patterns as well. I couldn’t resist this Patricia Underwood hat pattern (V8891). I have one of her other Vogue hat patterns V8440, which is now out of print (blogged here). I don’t really wear lace very much but I’m curious to see how these hats are constructed. I took a sculptural lace hat making class as Lacis last summer. This pattern is obviously aimed at wedding season. I really like version C. I like hats that perch on your head. Version D looks good, too.

Patricia Underwood - V9991 hat pattern - csews.com

The last pattern I got is this intriguing Donna Karan pattern (V1417), which is described as “misses’ asymmetrical drape top and pants.” It seems like a cross between a turtleneck and a cape. I’m not so sure it really works but the pants look really comfortable. The recommended fabric is moderate stretch knits for the pants, two-way stretch knits for the top. I could use some really comfy pants. I’ve gained some weight over the past two years – too sedentary! – and some of my pants are just a little too tight.

Donna Karan - V1417 Vogue pattern - csews.com

The pants have an interesting drape to them but in the photos you really can’t see what’s going on at the waist because the top is covering it up. Here’s the line drawing. I’m not sure what’s going on with those back seams. The photo doesn’t help either. Her legs are super skinny. I think I’ll be adding ease to the upper leg area. 😉

Donna Karan - V1417 - Vogue pattern - csews.com

The pattern reminds me of some designs in Japanese sewing books. And the patterns arrived yesterday! That was fast!

Vogue patterns - V1417 - V8891 - V9191 - csews.com

Have you bought any new Vogue patterns lately? What did you buy?

Author: Chuleenan

Chuleenan sews, collects hats and shoes, and is a fabric addict. She is also the organizer for the Bay Area Sewists Meetup group.

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    1. Aren’t they? I was just checking out the fabrics and notions, which include crinoline net, metallic net, tulle, and millinery wire. This reminds me that I have some tulle that I bought for a millinery class last year – but I didn’t use it.

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