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Lace tutorials and resource list -

Beautiful lace at Britex Fabrics -

Last year Natalie Wiener, the notions manager at Britex Fabrics, gave the Bay Area Sewists a great overview of lace for our Learn about Lace meetup. (I’m the organizer for the group.) She also gave us a really helpful handout with links to lace tutorials and more on lace. I put a version of this list as a page under the Bay Area Sewists section of my blog but it was pretty bare bones – no photos and just URLs.

I think it deserves its own post. So I went through all the links to make sure they still worked, added the article titles, more info on sources and photos from the meetup. All the comments after the article titles are from Natalie, unless otherwise indicated in [brackets].

I took the photos at the Bay Area Sewists meetup at Britex Fabrics. Here are links to some of Britex’s lace fabrics and lace trims. (I wrote a recap of this fun meetup here.)

Recommended Tutorials for Working with Lace

General Lace Info

Eyelash fringe on lace - Britex Fabrics -

Seams and Finishes

Chantilly lace with roses and sequins - Britex Fabrics -

Embellishment with Lace (Applique, Insertion, etc.)

Heirloom Sewing

Lace at Britex Fabrics -

Patterns and Projects

Thank you for this great list, Natalie!

Lace tutorials - a resource list compiled by Natalie of Britex Fabrics - lace seams and finishes, lace embellishments, heirloom sewing, lingerie lace


Author: Chuleenan

Chuleenan sews, collects hats and shoes, and is a fabric addict. She is also the organizer for the Bay Area Sewists Meetup group.

12 thoughts on “Sewing with lace – a resource list”

  1. Interesting list, thanks for sharing!
    If I can, I’d love to add my 40 best tips for sewing lace, it’s one of the most read articles on my blog (I wrote it when I designed a lace skirt with couture details in a wide size range, available for free on my site).
    If it’s not ok to share there, please delete and excuse me 🙂
    Thank you, again, and happy sewing
    Irene // Serger Pepper Designs

    1. Hi, thanks for mentioning your article. As I mentioned in my post, this resource list is not mine but from Natalie at Britex Fabrics so I can’t add anything to it unless I run it by her.

  2. Hi Chuleenan,

    Thanks for sharing this incredible cornucopia of info!! I have so many small pieces of lace trims and a few wider widths for appliques and lingerie. This gives me some food for thought.

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