Me Made May 2014

I’ve been debating whether or not I should participate in Me Made May this year. I don’t really have enough handmade clothes for each day. But reading a post by Leila of Three Dresses finally convinced me. She pledged to wear something handmade five days a week. So I immediately thought, Yes! That’s doable!

So here’s my pledge: As a participant of Me Made May 2014, I pledge to wear at least one handmade item five days a week.

Today I wore a bias cut skirt I made from a lovely cotton print I got from Britex Fabrics about five years ago. I think that’s when I made this skirt. It’s been washed enough times so that the cotton feels very soft.

(I’m currently on a business trip in LA so I’m attempting my first post using my iPhone. Tomorrow I plan on wearing a dress from a 1957 McCall’s pattern.)

Are you participating in Me Made May? I’d love to see what you’re wearing!

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Author: Chuleenan

Chuleenan sews, collects hats and shoes, and is a fabric addict. She is also the organizer for the Bay Area Sewists Meetup group.

4 thoughts on “Me Made May 2014”

  1. How cool! I’m really looking forward to seeing your outfits. Maybe by next year I’ll have enough me-mades to participate in this cool event! =)

    Also: mad props for posting this from a phone–I’m impressed!

    1. I’m sure you’ll have plenty of things to wear by next year. Plus it doesn’t need to be the entire outfit – could just be a top or a skirt. 😉
      It was interesting trying to do it all on my phone. I did have to go back and fix a photo size on the computer later but it did pretty much work! I used the WordPress app on my iPhone.

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