My millinery tutorials for Britex Fabrics

Millinery tutorials for Britex Fabrics: How to make a lace hat + making a removable ribbon hatband -

Hi, I wrote my first tutorials for Britex Fabrics blog this month! I decided to focus on millinery because I wanted to make a lace hat from a Patricia Underwood Vogue pattern (V8891), plus I wanted to replace a ribbon on an old hat. It was initially going to be one post but it got really long so Britex decided to break it up into three separate posts. Here are the links to those posts:

  1. Making a lace hat – I used a navy lace from Britex to make version D of Vogue pattern. (I made another Vogue pattern of hers, a while ago, which you can see here.)
  2. How to make a removable ribbon hat band – I show how to make Petersham ribbon go around a curve and  how to make a ribbon hat band that you can remove. Typically, ribbon hat bands are sewn to the hat. I designed one that uses a small piece of elastic so you can remove it.
  3. How to make a decorative removable ribbon hat band – This tutorial is nearly the same as the other one but it uses a striped ribbon and a solid black Petersham ribbon and a different design to hide the elastic.

If you follow my blog or my Instagram feed (@csews), you’ll know how much I love hats, which is why it was fun to write these tutorials. But it took a lot longer than I thought it would to put it all together so I hope take a moment to visit Britex Fabrics blog and read one of them. 🙂

Millinery tutorial: Making a lace hat with V8891 - C Sews for Britex Fabrics blog

Millinery tutorials: how to make a removable ribbon hat band - C Sews for Britex Fabrics blog
Millinery tutorial: How to make a removable hat band - C Sews for Britex Fabrics blog

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