Happy Sewing – Fashion Calendar Giveaway!

2015 Fashion calendar - costume institute at the Met - csews.com

2015 Fashion calendar giveaway - csews.com

On January 1, Pegasus Books in the East Bay holds its annual calendar sale. I’ve been going to it for years. Calendars are 3 for $9.99 or 1 for $3.99. Last year I got a wall calendar which had great photos of hats for nearly every day of the year. This year I spied this lovely 2015 Fashion calendar featuring clothes and accessories from the Costume Institute at the Metropolitan Museum of Art.

Emilio Pucci- costume institute - csews.com
Evening Dress, Emilio Pucci, 1966


Oh, the outfits! The shoes! The hats! Full page photos on every other page! This will be my sewing inspiration calendar for the year.

Bonnie Cashin-1955 - evening ensemble - csews.com
Evening Ensemble, Bonnie Chashin, 1955


I was so excited to see this calendar that I got an extra one to give away to one lucky person. This giveaway is only open to U.S. residents. Sorry international folks – shipping/customs costs are too high!

To enter, please answer one (or) both of the following question(s) in the comments area below by Monday, January 5, 11:59 pm, Pacific (California time): What inspires you to sew? What are your sewing resolutions this year?

I’ll pick a winner on Tues., January 6 and ship it when I get your address. Happy Sewing! May all your seams be straight and your fabric sew true. 😉


Author: Chuleenan

Chuleenan sews, collects hats and shoes, and is a fabric addict. She is also the organizer for the Bay Area Sewists Meetup group.

18 thoughts on “Happy Sewing – Fashion Calendar Giveaway!”

  1. i am going to sew better and smarter this year 2015. I have done a number of things in 2014 that will make it happen. 1. I finally cleaning and reorganized my sewing space. 2. I made a body double out of duct tape. 3. I am scheduling sewing time each week no interruptions…. (ha we will see if that will work) 4. I got inspired by sewing from my mom, she just passed away in Sept 14 but was 93 a life long sewing mentor.

  2. I am inspired by vintage fashion, especially the fashion of the 70’s. I plan on next year organizing my sewing space and teaching my daughter to sew. Share the love, thanks

    1. Vintage ’70s, eh? I’ve got a dress pattern from that era – or at least I think it is. There’s no date on it but it seems early 1970s. Good luck organizing your space and have fun teaching your daughter to sew!

  3. Oh my! That is just beautiful! I am drooling over it. 🙂 the need to make is what inspires/motivates me. I also wanted to comment on your last post. Bravo for getting you stash & supplies in order. Its looking great!

    1. This calendar has full-page photos on the left side, and small details on the bottom of the right page. And thanks for your kind words on getting organized – the big challenge is keeping it in order!

  4. Fabric, patterns and other bloggers inspire me to sew! I love indie patterns. My sewing goals for 2015 are to sew more! Especially after work instead of watching TV. Great give away!!

  5. Ooh what a fabulous calendar. I’m inspired to sew because I want to wear clothes that fit me and that I love wearing. I’m working on a resolutions post right now. I have lots of ambitious goals for the year ahead!
    Happy New Year to you!

  6. What inspires me to sew? Getting a good fit — a 5’10” off the rack clothes rarely fit the way I want and I am picky picky about what I want in a garment – specific color, specific details, you name it – I want it my way AND besides – garment design is fun and gratifying

  7. What inspires me to sew? ALL OF THE POSSIBILITIES, plus I just love clothes, plus I enjoy a good challenge every once in a while.
    What are my sewing goals/resolutions for 2015? To bring into reality some of the ideas swimming in my head.
    Please enter me in the drawing, I love a great calendar!

  8. Such a cool calendar I couldn’t resist entering! What inspires me to sew is everyone in the sewing blog community and the satisfaction I get when I realize that I made it. Whenever I need inspiration I go to my bloglovin feed. You all never disappoint! I didn’t really make any resolutions this year as I never follow through with them.
    Thanks for the giveaway!
    Happy New Year!

    1. There are even a couple pages devoted to purses, ties, and hats! The sewing blog community is inspiring. I made a Deer & Doe Chardon skirt because I saw it on someone’s blog.

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