C Sews StyleEye – 3 Jan. 2012

I like to take photos of clothes and accessories I see on people as they’re walking, on public transportation, in a store, or wherever they may be. This will be a regular feature on C Sews so I decided to call it StyleEye. My first post in this vein was called Fashion Details. As I mentioned in that post, the idea is partly inspired by Bill Cunningham’s On the Street column for the New York Times.

I’ve taken several photos since my initial post in November. So I’ll be breaking it up into two posts. Here’s what caught caught my eye:

My first sighting of an urban cowboy couple on the BART train going to SF.

I crouched down on the BART train to take this photo on the sly.

I saw this Skunkfunk coat when I was waiting for BART at the 19th St. Station in Oakland

Skunkfunk is a company that strives to create sustainable fashion

This unusual sheer scarf literally had holes in it surrounded by squares of gold opaque fabric.

Detail of the green pants - love that embroidered St. Bernard!

Green corduroy pants spotted at Berkeley Bowl grocery store. The guy wearing them told me he was an Oakland rapper named Illtext and the pants were from J Crew

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