My $50 of Mood Fabrics

At the end of April Rachel of House of Pinheiro did a post about making her first pair of jeans, which you can read here. She made her jeans using Theory indigo stretch cotton denim from Mood Fabrics (sorry, sold out or I would link to it). And Rachel was offering a giveaway – a $50 gift voucher towards a Mood Fabrics purchase – and I won!

I was shocked and thrilled to win. I’ve left comments on other blogs that were offering sewing-related giveaways but I never won before. So this was a wonderful surprise. Thank you, Rachel! All I had to do was email Rachel my info and she got a code from Mood and sent it to me right away. How exciting, eh?

First, I browsed the denim, thinking I could try keeping with the theme of Rachel’s blog post. Maybe I could find some lightweight so I could try to copy a pair of trouser jeans that are pretty worn out. But after browsing through pages of denim (stretch, indigo, metallic, I got tired of reading the product details. Then I thought, why don’t I get a fabric I’ve never sewn before and that’s a bit unusual?

So what popped in my mind was: silk jersey. I first encountered this fabric at a Bay Area Sewists meetup at Britex Fabrics, which I blogged about here. It was so soft and had a lovely drape but it also seemed a bit slippery. When I searched for silk jersey on the Mood Fabrics website, I found several solid colors and just a few prints. A silk jersey print isn’t very common so I picked this Pink and Red Bold Floral silk jersey print for $24.99/yard. This is the image from Mood’s website:

silk jersey - Mood Fabrics -

I really like the bright red flowers. I have to admit that I didn’t really pay attention to the name of the fabric – “Pink and Red” or I may have reconsidered my choice. The background didn’t really register as pink to me. I ordered two yards of this silk jersey. What would you order if you had $50 to spend at Mood?

My order made me eligible for a few swatches so I picked fabrics I haven’t sewn before: silk crepe, cotton dobby, cotton gauze, and silk faille. My fabric arrived in a nice box.

Mood Fabrics box -

And here’s what was inside…

Silk jersey and swatches - Mood Fabrics -

I guess the website image was pretty accurate. I don’t have any pastel pink in my wardrobe. I didn’t like pink as a young girl either. The closest I get to pink nowadays is fuchsia. But I do like the red flowers so I think I can live with the pale pink background.

Now I just need to figure out what I should make with this fabric. It’s 43 inched wide (about 109 cm) and I have 2 yards (1.8 meters) of it. What would you make with this fabric? I’d love some pattern suggestions – maybe a draped top? The fabric is a little sheer so I’ll likely need to line it. And maybe I could make a scarf from any leftover pieces.