Snip! Thread Snips Scissors Tip

I use my embroidery scissors as my thread snips scissors and I used to hang them from a ribbon around by neck. But it was always a little bit awkward because I didn’t want to keep taking the ribbon off to use them, which meant the scissors had to hang around waist height. However, at that length the scissors would occasionally jab me in the stomach.

So I shortened the ribbon but this meant I’d have to lean forward to use them at the sewing machine or bring the fabric closer to me to cut the thread or embroidery floss. (This did not encourage good posture.)

Then I got the idea of attaching my scissors to a badge reel. In the office building  where I work, tenants must wave a proximity card in front of a sensor in the elevator to make it stop on your floor. I noticed that some people attach their prox card to a retractable cord.

You attach it to your waistband, pocket, lanyard, or something else, and when you need it, you just pull it out wave it in front of the card reader and then it retracts.

I went to an office supply store and found a variety of badge reels and decided on red and blue two-pack. The retractable cord is 28″ long, plenty of length to pull out and snip.

I snapped the badge holder part around my embroidery scissors. Then I slipped the metal clip to my left pocket. I’m right-handed so it’s easier for me to reach over and pull the scissors from that side and snip. It was awkward to reach back and pull out the scissors from the right side.

Pulling out scissors

The result? My scissors are out of the way but handy whenever I need them, which is a good thing when I’m working on this embroidered wrap!  (Note: Badge reels are designed to hold a lightweight badge so a full-size pair of scissors would be too heavy.)






Author: Chuleenan

Chuleenan sews, collects hats and shoes, and is a fabric addict. She is also the organizer for the Bay Area Sewists Meetup group.

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