About C Sews

Welcome to my sewing blog, which is mostly about sewing (projects, clothes, and crafts) but veers off into hats and design on occasion.

Blue Hummingbird-mural1I learned how to sew from my Mom, who made many of my clothes (and my sisters’ outfits) when I was growing up in small-town upstate New York. I love all things sewing (except when I have to rip out a seam!). I enjoy making things with my machine as well as hand sewing with a needle and thread, hunting for fabric and notions, pouring through vintage and new sewing patterns, reading sewing books, or finding a cool way to recycle old clothes into something new.

What I like about sewing is that you have a tangible product when you’re done – whether it’s a fun bag, a cute bib, or a unique jacket. I always get a great feeling of satisfaction and accomplishment when the last seam is done.

C Sews is about the various things I’ve collected or created, including the many mistakes I’ve made along the way. I hope this site will be useful or at least interesting to you.

I’m also the organizer for the Bay Area Sewists meetup group. I organize an event once a month – from fabric and pattern swaps with more than 50 people in attendance to smaller group events of 20 or so members for fitting sessions or just sewing together. Go to our page for more info or to join the group. You can also check out the Bay Area Sewists page on my blog that lists past and current Bay Area Sewists meetups. If you are visiting the Bay Area and want to come to an event, please let me know and I’ll let you attend as our guest.

When I’m not writing or editing for clients, I update this site in my “spare” time. You can also follow me on Instagram, Pinterest, or Facebook.

Chuleenan Svetvilas